Hi, I'm Dieter Bergmann, the man behind Bergmann-Racing.com 

My life started a couple of miles north of Stockholm, Sweden with my German parents. 

I had a father who was an ex ww2 pilot, engineer and inventor. I quickly understood that things figured out in your head often not were products that you could buy.  His workshop became the place to get hold of those things and workshops since then have been my dancefloor all life.

My childhood friend Staffan Toll became age 29 professor in fiber based materials at Chalmers in Gothenburg. That became also the start for me working with advanced composite solutions in the early 90´s.    

Many years later I now sit and try to give you an explanation of why I feel I can make difference in the Porsche aftermarket scene.   

My brother and me imported a 1974 Porsche Carrera 2.7 in the early 80's. That car never went out of my system. It became my benchmark for sport cars. I have also worked with concept motorcycles for the last 30 years and advanced vehicle geometry solutions. 

As my kids got older they started trying to convince me buying a sports car again. Finaly I bought a 991 GT3 in January 2019. The first season I drove it completely stock as it was delivered from factory. I quickly realised that the custom parts scene found in the motorcycle world not is present in modern sports car world. My love for driving things has always been strong. As a child I grew up with Go-carts. To analyse the physics and psychology behind the driving is thrilling. Making the vehicle parts doing fast driving easier is the ultimate goal.

My thesis was to build a modern GT Porsche to run with a higher degree of comfort on the road and way faster on the track with one hour of modification. I think I succeeded in that mission, the parts are tested on road & track and are to be found here. 


Things I’ve driven and flown in the past. 

Started soaring very young and took licence for gliders.

Drivers licence for motorcycles age 16.

Private pilot licence age 18

Commercial ships and radar licence age 19 during military service at marine special boat service 1983-84.

Car licence age  21

Commercial pilot license age 23 Co-pilot on BAe Jetsteam 31, Fokker F-27-100.  

Captain on heavy jet age 29. Been flying DC-9, MD-80, B737, B757 and B767 all life. 

Instructor on above mentioned Boeings. 

And plenty of low flying in 991 GT3 :-)

My main achievements: My fantastic wife and my great 3 boys. 

My achievements beside my occupation/airline captain:

Worked with advanced vehicle concepts for 30 years. 

Worked with advanced composites and moulding solutions for 35 years. 

Worked with gunsmithing and gun locking solutions. 

Founder and inventor of www.monolitsports.com

2020 I won the industry award "Gear of the year" The price was

for best innovation of our Monolit shinguard, the worlds lightest

shinguard for soccer players. 

Doing in my spare time:

Keeping fit

Spend time in the Stockholm archipelago with my family

Tracking with my modified 991 GT3


Build concept bikes

Ride motorcycles

Take the sportcar on tripps abroad with my boys and my wife. 

Doing small workshop projects, rebuilding rifles, watch repair, , , 

Build small summer houses

Build water cleaning solutions



                                                                                       One of Freunde des Elfers

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